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Hello there. Thank you for visiting our website.

As a congregation of the Church of Scotland, we at The Schaw Kirk have many activities on offer which cater for a wide range of age and circumstances.

We firmly believe that the Schaw Kirk should be an important part of this community. Of course at our core, we want to let everyone know of the love and healing that belief in Jesus brings. This love is open to all. This means that anyone who comes here whether they have a faith or are exploring what faith means is welcome.

At the Schaw Kirk, we are all on a journey of faith and you are welcome to join us as we try and understand what God is saying to us and how to share His love
and care in our part of the world.


Our minister is the Rev. Dr. Alwyn Landman.

Alwyn will be delighted to speak to you about any matter

Minister : Rev Dr Alwyn Landman

Tel : 01292 571287

4 Hamilton place Coylton KA6 6JQ

e-mail : ALandman@churchofscotland.org.uk

Website Admin | Facebook Admin

The Manse family - left to right
Wynand Werner Alwyn Hennelien

Joint Session Clerks

Anne Hope
Tel: O1292 590442
e-mail : annehope@schawkirk.onmicrosoft.com

also Website, Facebook and Instagram Admin

Margaret Clarke
Tel: (01292) 591274
e-mail : margaretclarke@schawkirk.onmicrosoft.com

also Safeguarding officer


Eleanor Crate
Tel: (01292) 531560
e-mail : eleanorcrate@schawkirk.onmicrosoft.com

also Gift Aid | Roll Keeper

Our Teams

Our Kirk is an Unitary church and the Kirk session decided that we will work in teams to best serve the church and the community. The beauty is that you do not have to be an elder or serving on the Session to make a difference.

Please talk to our minister Alwyn for updates.


Folk who help with the running of the church.

Finance & Fabric

Folk who looks after the physical stuff of the church.
Folk who take care of our money


Folk who search for ways to help.


Folk looking after the wellbeing of our members.